Greek Gourmet Cheeses

Feta (PDO) & Organic Feta (BIO)

FETA melia fresh line, is the classic Greek cheese, from pasteurized sheep’s and goat’s milk. Feta cheese is considered to be the trademark of Greek traditional cuisine and it is produced all around the country. An excellent quality product, white in color, has a delightful flavor, a bit sour to taste and rich in aroma. The structure is solid and easy to cut in serving portions. Ideal for Mediterranean dishes and Salads.

Available Packaging: Plastic tub

Unit Weight: 200, 400gr

San Michali (PDO)

San Michali is made exclusively of local excellent cow’s milk from animals which live on the Cycladic island of Syros. It matures for at least 20 weeks and has a very rich and spicy flavour.

The San Michali cheese is an exquisite hard type cheese with solid mass, bearing tiny irregular holes with golden yellow colour. It has an external rind which is often covered with paraffin. It has a 40% maximum humidity and 36% minimum dry fat content.

It is excellent to enjoy as a delicious table cheese or for cooking different zestful and spicy dishes.

It is available in either in bulks of appr. 7,5 kg /bulk or in small standardized airtight package (Vacuum Pack).

Graviera & Organic Graviera (BIO)

Graviera is a hard cheese with a characteristic sweetish taste in a bright yellow or yellowish color. It bears an authentic traditional recipe and it is produced from sheep’s & goat’s milk. While prized as an ideal table cheese (appetizer), graviera also gives great flavor to various pies when added. It can be used in saganaki (fried cheese) or grated over spaghetti. It pleasantly accompanies wines and fruits.

It is available in bulks of 8kg or in small standarized airtight packages (Vacuum Pack).

Manouri (PDO)

A white semi-soft fresh typical Greek whey cheese. Manouri is made by adding milk and/or cream to the whey of sheep’s or goat’s milk derived from hard cheese production. It has a unique milk aroma with rich aftertaste. Its taste is fine and soft with its texture reminding a light cheesecake, therefore it can be eaten also as a dessert. Manouri has a delicate taste and its distinctive quality meets the highest standards of the most demanding gourmet.

It can be used in pastries such as spanakopita(spinach pie) or drizzled with honey. This creamy cheese with no casing is also served for breakfast as a low-fat alternative to yogurt.

It is available in either in bulks of 1-2kg /bulk

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