The acidity of melia olive oil is below 0,3% which is categorized as extra virgin olive oil, as it is below the maximum permissible limit, complying fully with the existing EU legislation (0 – 0.8%).

The melia olive oil is produced and collected by the Association of Messinia, near Kalamata which is consisted by local producers. 


The olive oil we trade is of the Koroneiki variety harvested at Messinia province, a well known variety that origins from the most famous olive tree in the world. The olives that come from this tree are small but have a high yield of olive oil of 27% of exceptional quality. The local eco-system provides natural food for the trees.

Koroneiki is an old greek variety of olives and belongs to the varieties of small semen (oil content 20 – 27%). The meticulous process of harvesting the olives at the right degree of maturity and the optimum processing conditions of them lead to the production of extra virgin olive oil with a high percentage of phenols, which ensures stability and organoleptic quality properties, elements that contributed to its characterization as “variety of universal heritage” by the International Olive Oil Council.

The main features of the extra virgin olive oil that comes from Koroneiki variety are:

High content of organoleptic properties

which are mainly due to some flavouring substances which are formed because of both the particular characteristics of the soil and the reduced water uptake by trees as there is low rainfall and lack of irrigation in most regions of Messinia.

Fruity flavour

especially that of the apple and the light bitter taste, result in adding a bright colour and a pleasant taste to the special and unique form

Fatty acids vary in specific prices

the fact that fatty acids vary in specific prices, in combination with the particularly low acidity,

Deep and bright green colour

the deep and bright green colour

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